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Dear DealSOCLers and to be DealSOCLers, you heard it right..DealSOCL is ranked in Alexa below 250,000 ( 249,978 to be precise ).  We are counting down from Quarter a million rank and with your support we will race towards the best website rankings.

We revamped our site with HTML 5 support and clustered map views during the Chinese New Year. In a short span of 7 weeks, we were able to improve our ranking from 2.8 million to under Quarter a million. This would not have been possible without your support. Thanks a ton.

Apart from Singapore, we have also started aggregating deals from Malaysia, India, Philippines and Dubai. Click on the respective country image below to go to the local deals.


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Cheap Flight deals – Will these deals ever fly on daily deal sites !

Ever wondered why the daily deal sites never bring out cheap flight deals. DealSOCL scanned through all the top daily deals and could never find a direct flight deal that offers a fantastic fly only deal.


The airlines spent millions of dollars building their own web sites , a dedicated marketing team to offer their own deals and promotions from time to time. Added to this, the budget airlines world over already offer cut throat fares to engage the customer on their own site.

Tip: Always clear your browser’s cache before searching for a fare on an airline’s web site. The cookies stored in the local browser cache will let the airline website quote you a higher fare if you repeatedly search for a fare.

And a travel agent or a travel consolidator would never dare to run a deal because the margins are too minuscule for them to attract passengers through a daily deal site.


Most of the #travel #deals that do come with inclusive flights also contains a clause that states that the deal price excludes the taxes. Often, it is noted that the taxes are higher than the deal price itself. For those of you buying a #travel #deal, do read the fine print and looks for the taxes and other excluded pricing info in the deal before hitting that ‘Buy now’ button.

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For those of you looking for cheap flights, may we suggest this post and that post to get started.

For the rest of the bundled travel deals, head to DealSOCL.

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